Unity at Fullerton Union

Unity at Fullerton Union

Yesterday was Day Two of the Fullerton Union’s Outreach Week, and the students were pumped for their guest speaker Nick, a college student from a local church, to share a message about unity through Christ during their lunch time. The students got pizza to give to everyone who came to the event, and were able to promote by walking around the quad shouting “Pizza and Jesus!” We saw 10-15 extra students come to the event, filling the classroom with 32 students.



Nick’s message focused on what it means to be unified as a school and to stand up for truth, and he challenged the students to think about why they should be standing up and who they should set as their example for breaking borders. He asked them if they had considered Jesus, and explained the Good News of Jesus. Three students accepted Christ into their lives! It was an amazing day for Fullerton Union and for the Kingdom!

The Fullerton students are having a prayer meeting on Wednesday during lunch in the middle of the quad, and they will be praying over their school and for the world. They also want to start witnessing and sharing their faith on campus more frequently, so there should be more exciting news to come!

Here are a few prayer requests for Fullerton:

  • Prayer for their club members to get involved and stay passionate about sharing their faith
  • Pray that God would protect and strengthen them as they pray and witness on their campus
  • Pray for their rally on Thursday where a guest speaker will be sharing the gospel and inviting students to respond
  • Pray for the three new members of the kingdom who dedicated their lives to Jesus on Tuesday!


Thank you for your prayers and stay tuned for more stories about Fullerton Union!
~ Kelly Vine // Biola Student Leader

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