Starting the Mission Trip Strong with the Condors

Starting the Mission Trip Strong with the Condors

(Back: Luke, Donaldo, Fran, Kaleb
Front: Hannah, Joseph, Michelle, Briana)

Instead of riding waves at the beach or seeking to relax for Spring Break, Campus Mentors from Biola University are eager to share about Jesus’ love at high schools surrounding their area. One of these schools includes Cal High, Home of the Condors. Christian Club Leaders and Campus Mentors soar as they sought out to tell their peers, classmates, and even close friends about Jesus and what He has done for them on the cross.

For this whole week, the Campus Mentors from Biola are daily going to different high schools to train students in their ability to go witnessing and to be bold about their faith. We are also following up with those who have decided to follow Jesus so that they can have a personal relationship with Him. By following up with students, the Christian Clubs are able to spiritually check up on people and invite them to church and the club’s weekly meetings. This gives the Club Leaders an opportunity to encourage them in their walk with Jesus.

Another amazing event we are participating in for the Mission Trip is happening on Friday at Cal High! Campus Light, the Christian Club, is having an Outreach rally where a ton of students pile into the gym to hear the truths of God’s love for them! For this particular rally, 2 students from the club are sharing about how God showed His love to them, giving students who are attending the opportunity to accept Jesus’ love for themselves!

Many big and exciting things are happening within the local area surrounding Biola University and none of it can be done without prayer!

Here are a few prayer requests for the week:
* Conversations with non-believers: to continue to be fruitful and transforming for their lives
* Witnessing training (sharing about God’s love in a personal conversation): to go smoothly as Campus Mentors teach high school students how to witness
* Club leaders at schools we are working with this week: to stand up for their faith and be bold in sharing about God’s love
* (Some of the schools we work with this week include: Cal High, Whittier, Bellflower, Bell, La Habra, Norwalk, Orange, Ellen Ochoa, Santa Fe, and Fullerton)

Thank you for reading through our first blog of the week! We will daily be posting about all the amazing work God is doing at these local high schools!

Stay in tune for what God has in store!

~Hannah McLaughlin, Campus Mentor for Whittier

“But he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things he stands.”
~Isaiah 32:8

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