Sparking Hope with the Gospel

Sparking Hope with the Gospel

In just five days of outreach, God did amazing and incredible things through the Christian club leaders and the LA/OC team. Through the Gospel rallies, witnessing conversations and other forms of outreach, God used the Christian club leaders and the team to bring the hope of the Gospel on high school campuses. This past Saturday as a team we reflected back on all the good things that we got to see and experience. We were amazed at the fact that many high school students decided to follow Jesus and many recommitted their lives to him.

Members of our Outreach team with leaders of Whittier HS’s Christian Club.

I personally reflected on the amazing growth I experienced in just one week and I was greatly amazed. The desire to share my faith more often grew as I heard stories from high school students who were currently going through difficult trials. As I heard their stories, I got to share the love of Jesus and give hope to the hurting students.

Whittier HS. Gospel Rally being held during lunch.

My faith also grew greatly through setting time aside with God to pray and read the Bible during the week. This kept me strong as I faced difficulties of my own and it helped me to see the importance of reading the Bible and praying everyday. This trip really helped me to put God first and continue to do so even after the trip is over.

Leaders Nic and Cynthia serving nachos at one of the Gospel rallies out on by Whittier HS’s Christian Club.

Ultimately, the outreach week sparked a greater desire to share the Gospel and to make it a priority in my life. My hope and prayer is that God would continue to work through the Christian club leaders and my team to shine the light of Jesus on the campuses.

– Cynthia Ramirez // Biola Student Leader

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