In or Out – Are we all in with Jesus? – LA/Orange County Outreach

In or Out – Are we all in with Jesus? – LA/Orange County Outreach

Yesterday Leina, Hannah, Melissa, Nic and I had to opportunity to attend La Habra High School, assisting their Christian club “Campus Light” as they put on their Gospel Rally for the week! Campus Light is revolving their outreach week around the theme ‘In or Out.’ The club brought in Pastor Jackson of Grace EV Free La Mirada who tied in a message of being IN or OUT in our faith with the example of surfing. He challenged the students, asking them if they were Christians sitting on the outside in the comfort of what they already know, comparing them to those surfers who sit on the outside as the waves go by afraid to take that jump to ride a wave. Pastor Jackson encourage the students to “charge” in their faith and be all in with Jesus.

La Habra HS. Pastor Jackson speaking on being In or Out with God.

Before and after the rally I was blessed with conversations with two club members of Campus Light. Before the rally I spoke with Joseph, a freshman at La Habra who – having been homeschooled all his life – is making the transition to high school quite nicely because of his interactions with the club. He spoke of how the club is providing him a comfortable place with those who have the same beliefs, and he told me about that he’s enjoyed this week’s rallies because he wants more students to know Jesus.

After the rally I spoke with Summer, a senior at La Habra who loved the message at the rally! To her, it served as a great reminder and a push to grow in her faith. This week, she’s eager to invite family members attending La Habra HS because some aren’t believers, and she desires an opportunity for them to respond and hear the good news of Jesus. Let us not forget that this story is coming from real Christian high school students who are desperately praying for a revival to happen on their campus and in their families!

God’s work and light is at work here in the Los Angeles area this week, and the momentum is only going to grow as these Christian Clubs continue to put on events for their peers to come and learn about Jesus Christ.

Join us in prayer. Here are some Requests:

  • Pray for the students attending the rallies this week, for strengthened and renewed relationships with God as well as students coming to Christ for the first time
  • Pray that God’s presence would fill the gym at La Habra High School during the Gospel presentation on Thursday during lunch
  • Pray for the conversations on campus to be centered around Jesus Christ
  • Pray for the Christian Clubs putting on the events this week, that they would stay well-rested and eager to bring students to Christ

– Gabe Plendcio // Biola Student Leader

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