God Heals Hearts at El Modena High School!

God Heals Hearts at El Modena High School!

Hello everyone, Spenser Wagner here! I am a campus mentor at Paramount High School and I’m excited to inform you both about what God accomplished today, and what you can anticipate happening in the future! The rain came back again today, pouring down on all of our schools. But God is so much greater than what the weather app says so please continue to pray for clear days. We know His will goes beyond what is possible!

Two rallies happened today, one at Pacifica High School and one I had the privilege of attending at El Modena High School. Since November, rally attendance at El Modena has skyrocketed from just 30 students to over 70! NSP leaders Sage Wilson and Jonah Hamilton spoke in continuation of the week’s theme, “Healing.” Sage spoke on how God cares about the whole restoration of the body, the mind and the spirit. Jonah gave a touching talk about how God has given healing in his life, and how he is strengthened by the Lord amidst struggling with physical pain. All the students were so focused and attentive to each speaker. As a student myself, I know how easy it is to zone out, but the room was captivated by every word. This rally was an amazing experience, I look forward to seeing God do even more!

Witnessing trips happened at Brea HS, Glen A. Wilson HS, El Modena HS, and the school I mentor personally, Paramount. With rain on the forecast my group was nervous about the outcome of our trip. With the power of prayer, and steadfast students, there remained plenty of students to talk to after school despite the rain! We approached a group creating a film and started to ask them about Jesus. To every question we asked, the group had a lot of answers and even more questions. We shared truth and ended by telling them to come to the upcoming Christian club meeting!

I can’t wait for tomorrow and all the opportunities we have to share the gospel again! We are so thankful for the opportunity that God has presented us with, I can’t wait to share more in the future!

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