God Answers Prayers For Clear Skies

God Answers Prayers For Clear Skies

Hello, my name is Thaddeo Pia. I am a National School Project campus mentor from the Biola Chapter, and today, God showed his power and grace to those who were ministering and those who were being ministered to. On Tuesday, witnessing and school rallies were executed, and God both orchestrated and protected all events for the glory of his name.

Starting the day at 7:30 A.M., a team went to El Modena High School to promote a Christian club event that would take place during lunch period. NSP volunteers passed out donuts and flyers until the morning bell rang. At lunch the rally was underway in a classroom packed with over 40 students!

Meanwhile at Pacifica High School, the gymnasium housed around 110 students who heard Biola’s Chapter Director present truth from the gospel that paved the way for a theme of forgiveness the club is sharing this week. All told from these events, students recommitted their lives to Jesus and three indicted first time decisions to follow Christ! Students lives are being changed!

Witnessing trips at El Modena HS, Paramount High School, Santa Fe High School, and Brea-Olinda High School were fruitful today. God demonstrated his power particularly at Paramount HS as he answered our prayers to hold back the rain until we had finished witnessing. According to NSP staff member David Kim, the rain started to fall right as they got in the car to leave the school. One of the Christian club leaders at Paramount HS, Matt, was blessed with the encouragement to be able to witness to more people than ever before. He in turned encouraged us as other teams went to Santa Fe HS and Brea HS shared many amazing stories of how God is beginning a good work in the lives of hundreds of students.

God is so abundantly faithful to answer our prayers and we again invite you to join us in prayer for the following: (1) Pray for good weather for all rallies and witnessing trips outside. (2) For safety as many people are traveling by car in wet conditions to these different locations. (3) For the hearts of students to be softened to receive the gospel. (4) For all speakers to be given wisdom to speak and connect well with students at the rallies. (5) Overall, for the fulfillment of God’s will as we all shift our focus away from ourselves and onto the love, mercy, kindness, grace, and power of our faithful God.

Thank you for your support!

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