Get Ready! God Did Some Awesome Things!

Get Ready! God Did Some Awesome Things!

God did amazing things at the Cal High Rally and the witnessing trip at La Habra High.

Campus Light, the Christian Club at the Cal High, hosted 140 students at their rally in their large gym on Friday, March 2. As students poured into the large gym, two of the club leaders led worship. Afterwards, two of the club leaders engaged many of their peers by sharing their testimonies. Later on, Jaston Epp was able to share the gospel with the students. At the end, students were given the opportunity to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. The club leaders at Cal High did such an amazing job hosting this rally. There were even 6 students who decided to accept Jesus into their lives for the first time and 7 recommitments!

After the rally, Hannah, Will, Joseph, and I (Briana) went over to La Habra High were we got to take three club leaders, Caleb, Steven, and Aurora, witnessing for the very first time. At first they were nervous, but we sought guidance from the Holy Spirit. They became confident very quickly once they realized that talking with others about their faith was actually fairly easy. The Holy Spirit moved through them as they shared the gospel with some of their peers. For example, I went witnessing with a club leader named Caleb. He was nervous at first and after our first witnessing conversation he became more excited and confident in his abilities to share the gospel with his peers. From then on he eagerly initiated conversations and shared his faith with others enthusiastically. Many of the students we talked with wanted to learn more about having a personal relationship with God, and 3 students made a first time decision to follow Jesus.

It was so amazing to see how God moved on our last day of the trip. I know that many students’ lives were changed today and that many seeds were planted. Thank you all for your continued prayers!


~Briana, Mentor at Orange High

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