“FULLER” lives with a “TON” of Jesus

“FULLER” lives with a “TON” of Jesus

(Kaleb, Michelle, Hannah, and Briana jumping for joy after witnessing at Fullerton High)

Tuesday was filled with much excitement as Campus Mentors split up between three different Christian Club Meetings at Bell High, Norwalk, and La Habra High.

Campus Mentors, Joseph and Michelle, at Bell had a calling party to follow up with students from their Outreach Week last week. Students at La Habra learned how to witness to their peers as they get prepared for a witnessing trip that is occurring this coming Friday. Another Campus Mentor, Kaleb, went to Norwalk’s club meeting to support the students, and also was able to meet with a pastor who has a interest in doing outreach at the school.

Later that day, the Campus Mentors made their way over to Fullerton High to go witnessing after school. They approach high school students and asked them about their own personal beliefs regarding God. There were many fruitful conversations with students and they got to shared the love and truth of Jesus to a variety of high schoolers.

As we continue on this trip please continue to pray for the Campus Mentors, students, and administrators we encounter.

  • For Campus Mentors: That God would give us energy and that the Holy Spirit would continue to work through us as we share the truth of God with students.
  • For Students: That God would give boldness to Christian students that we are working with as they share the gospel with their peers. Also for the students who do not know Jesus that God would prepare their hearts and that we could have open, honest conversation with them.
  • For Administrators: That students would develop good and respectful relationships with administrators, and that God’s work would continue to be done in these public schools.


~Briana Valdez, Campus Mentor for Orange High School

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