Changing Lives at Branham High

Changing Lives at Branham High

Branham High School put on their very first rally just a couple days ago, and the students of the Christian club learned that God alway surpasses our human expectations. Alisha, the club president, and the rest of the leadership team have been planning the outreach event for the last month and a half. They were nervous and didn’t really know what to expect, but they definitely didn’t expect God to bring as many students as he did. Most of the students were able to put on a brave face and act confident in their planning of the rally, but on the inside were terrified of what they thought could be a possible failure. One of the students even said, “To be honest I had no faith in this working out.”

God came through however, and about 150 students attended their first rally. At the end of the lunch period the speaker gave the students a chance to respond and more than one hundred students fled the bleachers to be prayed for! The whole Christian club got the chance to witness the spirit move in their school and touch the hearts of their fellow students. The power and strength of God left them in awe. 

~Alicia Perez is a student at Biola University and a campus mentor for Branham High School in San Jose, California.

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