Bursting with Boldness

Bursting with Boldness

Campus Mentors tackle a busy Wednesday as we travel to multiple high school for witnessing trips.

The first witnessing trip we went on was at Orange High School. That one was particularly exciting because that is the school I (Briana) coach. One of the club leaders from Orange was able to make it on the trip and it was her first time witnessing. She did a great job talking to her peers and starting conversations with them. It was so amazing to see how God used her to minister to the teenagers on her campus.

As we moved on to the second witnessing trip of the day, a whopping eight students from Cal High came to share Jesus with their peers. Their excitement and passion to share the love of God with the students on their campus was so refreshing and inspiring.

Students witnessing on their own campuses brings a completely different energy. It can be scary for students to share their faith with their peers. However, once they are able to overcome their fears they excel in sharing the gospel message. This week we have been able to see so many students grow in boldness and passion as they share the love of Jesus at their schools.

Later that night, we were all able to attend BBC Youth Group. We were given the opportunity to encourage middle school and high school students and talked to them about sharing the gospel. Afterwards, we discussed the struggles that come with sharing our faith. We told them about being persecuted for being followers of Jesus, and how they can find peace and strength from the Holy Spirit in the midst of facing persecution. It was so awesome to be able to talk with some of them and encourage them in their faith.

God has been working in incredible ways this week and we would appreciate it if you could continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue ministering to students this week.

Pray for:

  • Campus Light, the Christian Club at Cal High, as they have their Gospel Rally during lunch that students would be open to transformation in their hearts when receiving the truths about Jesus.
  • Students from La Habra go witnessing, some for the first time, on their campus to have confidence in the Lord as they share their faith
  • Spiritual growth and health of the Campus Mentors on the Mission Trip


~Briana Valdez, Campus Mentor for Orange High School


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