Breaking Past Apathy

Breaking Past Apathy

This week, a team of students from Biola are in San Jose, serving six individual high schools in partnership with the “Whosoevers” ministry to reach their campuses with the transformative message of Christ. God is on the move!

The San Jose Team has had a crazy first two days. Between car break downs and speakers getting sick it was difficult to see at one point how this week could ever go well.

At Valley Christian High School however, it became clear why we do this. Thirty-two pizzas, one hip hop teacher, four high schoolers on fire for Christ, and one All-Powerful God makes a big difference. As students filed into the gym to hear their hip hop teacher DJ talk about the fear of the Lord we thought at first that we bought to much pizza. However they just kept on coming until about 90 students were sitting in the bleachers waiting to hear the word of the Lord.

“It is not my resume I want to build, but I want to shout his accolades.”

At the end of the speech, over 50 students went up to be prayed over and at least 5 who were already saved recommitted their lives to the Lord.

Later the team went witnessing with a group of students from Biola’s Student Missionary Union serving in San Francisco this week. Eight people heard the gospel and one person indicated a desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit!

Even if we cannot find a way, God can. When we see a job as impossible, God does it anyhow.

~Brian Johnson is a freshman at Biola University who currently volunteers with NSP as a Campus Mentor for the Christian club at Valley Christian High School. He is continuing with NSP next year as a Student Leader with the Biola Chapter.

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