Back to School for Spring Break!

Back to School for Spring Break!

Some CSP leaders from the Biola chapter choosing to help their schools with outreach during Biola's spring break.
Some CSP leaders from the Biola chapter choosing to help their schools with outreach during Biola’s spring break.

During our Spring Break instead of hanging at the beach or putting in an extra 12 hours of sleep a day, some members of CSP are going back to school to share the love of Christ! As a part of the California School Project, this week we are helping out a high schools with a full week of events meant to ultimately share Christ’s love to a student body that struggles with finding hope and restoration in their lives.

Fullerton Union High School (FUHS) will be having events and activities nearly everyday this week all centered around the idea of breaking down borders that prevent us from creating unity in the body of Christ. Yesterday for their rally to promote the whole week of outreach, the club created their own presentation of breaking down borders. They did this by gathering at the quad and kicking down boxes with words regarding pain and suffering written on them, symbolizing the need to stand up for the hurting together in unity, striving for peace with all people.

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Fullerton desires to create unity and pursue peace with all people, hoping to influence their school to unite together in Christ. CSP desires to help out the school in the best way we can to accomplish their mission of sharing God’s love through breaking down borders. Please join us in prayer as we seek to do God’s will at FUHS!

Here are a few prayer requests for the week:

  • Pray for God to move the hearts of students at Fullerton Union High School, giving them the willingness to attend these events and have open ears and hearts!
  • Pray for club leaders and members to be strong and courageous in Christ as they share their faith on campus!
  • Pray for our witnessing conversations after school, that students will be open and willing to hear the Good News!


Thank you everyone for your prayers and for supporting us this week! Be strong and courageous!
~Hannah McLaughlin// Biola Campus Mentor (also Alumni of FUHS)

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